Chrishell is promoting her book, Under Construction, which is sadly is not about taking a jackhammer and a wrecking ball to Justin Hartley’s living room window. (Hopefully she metaphorically does so via some truly great gossip.) Here, she is strolling into a taping of the Tamron Hall Show, wearing a dress the exact same color as the one in her cover photo. That might be a tad twee, but I get it, and she looks so cute that I can’t fault her for it. And I love the houndstooth.

Basically, this appeals to me because it doesn’t have a Hot Off The Runway look to it. As sleek and chic as those monochrome coat-and-clothes outfits are, there’s something appealing every now and then about a celebrity who goes out in something more approachable. That’s not to say she didn’t put styling thought into this — clearly, she did — but the effect is something believably put together from stuff she already had and just feels good in, which is how most of us approach dressing for an occasion. It’s a nice reminder that, someday, I myself might successfully do that again.

[Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock]