I CANNOT BELIEVE SOMEONE WORE THIS AGAIN! I also think it’s SO much more successful on this magazine, on this person, pinned to an interview about a famous Victorian murderer, than it was on noted non-Victorian murderer Kate Hudson at the SAGs, a red carpet choice that LITERALLY MADE ME SCREAM at home. Chloe’s got enough actress-y verve to pull this off, and the whole thing feels so highly patterned that it has an actual point of view.

I have to say, the interview is excellent. I think you’ll enjoy the whole thing, but I liked this bit. It’s really honest and I find that refreshing:

AR: Despite the varied parts you’ve played, you’ve always had a reputation for work that’s kind of offbeat. Why do you think that persists?

CS:I guess I’m controversial. But people should consider the variety of characters I’ve played, the different roles, and—for lack of a better word—the craft. I don’t think people recognize me as being a good actress. Some of them think I’m just into fashion

.AR: I can’t imagine that’s true. You’ve been nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe.

CS:When people come up to me, every day, they all say, “I love your style.” I don’t mind it, but I’d rather people say they loved me in a particular role.

AR: What would you point out to people as being good work that you think hasn’t been given its due?

CS:I think it’s good work overall! Nicki on Big Love got her due. There was recognition from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association—though it would have been nice to get an Emmy.

I just want to note for the record: I ALWAYS give you work its due, Chloe. Even when I don’t love your style.

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