I feel like it HAS to be a scam that this is anything other than a Free People maxi with evil window dressing.

It seriously looks like unimaginative high-school drama club costuming — Inept Villainy 101, or Introduction to Unimaginative Goth. CGM is only seventeen, so she certainly doesn’t HAVE to have more interesting taste than this, nor is she under obligation to anyone to come up with a personal-style throughline. But she is obviously heavily styled and smart enough to be playing the game, so my question is: Do you really win at Risk by scattering your pieces all over every conceivable corner of the board, or is it better to focus your efforts? (The same philosophy could be applied to a GFY post that begins with Free People and ends with a board game metaphor, but in my defense, the sheer overlay and grievous bodily harm it’s committing to her torso have driven me briefly, wildly insane.)

Here is a close-up of the pattern underneath:

Do you think the ladies were smiling before the D’OHverlay arrived?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]