The feature on Charlize in this month’s Marie Claire is fairly slight; I think I’ve read just about all of it before, with the obvious exception of the quotes from Seth Rogen and Jay Roach, who are doing her current projects. It’s a not-bad, not-great article that is mostly like, “Whaaaat? Serious actress can be funny?!?!?” I’m sympathetic, though, because if they didn’t get much from her then what else can you hook it to? And Long Shot is Charlize’s first rom-com, so I understand the angle. However:

She’s reserved at first but grows increasingly warm as our conversation progresses. You get the sense that Theron would be a great person to be friends with—and a terrible person to cross.

I mean, I want to read that story.

MC also sent out pics for its piece on Aya Cash from You’re The Worst, so I tossed those photos in at the end here as well. Apparently she’s in Fosse/Verdon, which I had no idea about, because I haven’t watched any of it yet. That’s a smart move, I think, and she talks in the piece about how people are trying to pigeonhole her based on her YTW character and so this was a direct antidote to that. But she’s a delight. She talks about re-wearing a crazy red-carpet dress to the wedding of “someone I hate, so that I can really steal all the attention,” and then there’s this on her current prep for a pilot:

“It’s brutal. It’s not #LifeGoals. I’m about to have a fucking green smoothie, and no, I’m not going to enjoy it,” she groans. “I haven’t had Taco Bell in like a month. That’s so horrible.” If this is what Christian Bale’s preparation process looks like, Cash is content to pass: “I don’t think I need to be that big of an actor.”

Hats off and bottoms up to THAT.

[Photos: Marie Claire]