The party celebrating this issue was last night, so coverage of the other choices — Ruth Wilson, Rosie H-W, other women whose initials are not RW — is forthcoming, as are their covers. For some reason, Harper’s UK only released the Cate one before the party, which seems like a bit of a bummer for the others, as if they are all secondary to the main Blanchett attraction. Maybe by today they will all have been out and this lede will be rendered as moot a point as whether Rick Springfield loves Jesse’s girl. (AND INDEED, edited to add: They are trickling out and we will feature them separately.)

The story is a trifle — she’s being honored for her work with the UN’s refugee agency, but the mention is fleeting — but Cate comes across as smart. The photos are a bit chilly, though, including this one on the cover. [I should also note, which I forgot to earlier, that she wore this dress in September on the red carpet; it’s rare to see someone duplicate this way, and I wonder if she chose it or if it just happened by chance? Surely not.] It’s confident, but aloof, like she’s sitting for a sculptor who wants to carve a Hollywood analog for Rodin’s The Thinker. I far prefer this one, from the inside:


Now that is radiant.

[Photos: Harper’s UK]