We missed the last two months of Cosmo spreads, and there is a LOT to catch up on in here, including the fact that Iggy Azalea is wearing sunglasses in almost every single one of her photos, and Halsey may have broken the mag’s streak of making its subjects have food in or near their mouths.

Halsey, the October cover star, talked a little about mental health:

Generally, Halsey’s thoughts arrive in wild, breakneck bursts, but here she speaks softly: “I have bipolar disorder, and I get bored of shit really quickly. Music is this thing that I get to focus all my chaotic energy into, and it’s not a void that doesn’t love me back. It’s been the only place I can direct all that and have something to show for it that tells me, ‘Hey, you’re not that bad.’ If my brain is a bunch of broken glass, I get to make it into a mosaic.”

Izzy’s is different, touching on the rapid rise of her career and its equally brisk fall, due in part to backlash against what people thought was her blinkered view of her own privilege and cultural appropriation. After the article summarizes what some fans and critics took umbrage with, it says:

If you’ve been reading this waiting to get to the part where Iggy apologizes for all the above—sorry, she’s not sorry. (The most sing-along-able lyric off one of her new songs is “I started to say sorry / But fuck that shit,” so yeah.) But listen, she does get it now. Sort of. She thinks cultural appropriation is subjective, even though she knows that sounds like a fucked-up thing to say. “You could ask one person of the same race, ‘Does this affect you?’ and they will say yes,” she explains. “But another person will say no. They could be from the same place, same everything, but have different perspectives about it.”

Then again, can you really say sorry and then keep doing the same shit? (Her question.) “I’m still going to make the same type of music and still be ridiculous and larger than life,” she says. “So I can’t be that fucking sorry about it.” 

It’s… an experience, and the writer tried pretty hard to be like, “Hey, so that’s… maybe still a problem,” without disrespecting the cover subject (something that would be of concern to the parent company and publication; it’s tough having to answer to those masters while also being true to the story you want to write). I DO wish we’d gotten some intel on why sunglasses are in SO MANY PHOTOS, although having seen the cover, I can draw my own conclusions.

[Photos: Cosmo]