I actually really like this outfit, even if it is a jumpsuit (let’s pretend it isn’t).  I am not joking when I tell you that I want that sequined jacket/sweater/whatever it is. I will totally wear that. I think it would be totally cute with jeans and a tank top:

But let’s talk about her new bangs. They feel a little bit like Break-up Bangs to me — DON’T WORRY, Shaun White Hoodies and Demin was at this event with her; they have not broken up (I would be distraught) — which isn’t a great thing. Because 85% of the time, you regret Break-up Bangs. (Well, the ones you cut into your hair, not the verb version of the break-up bang. As far as THAT goes, I don’t know your life.) People has a good side-by-side of the Pre- and Post-Bang, and while I think she still looks CUTE, I’m going to be Pro-No-Bang. Sorry, Melissa. Obviously, I’m the arbiter of your of your hair and the growing-out stage starts NOW.

[Photo: PacCoastNews]