As you know, the bride wore a rose-colored Valentino for the civil service last weekend; for today’s Religious Service on a Fabulous Italian Island, Beatrice Borromeo went for Giorgio Armani Privé. Overall, as predicted, this is way more Traditional Bride than Dress Number One — which is the direction most people would take when trying to figure out what to wear for one’s Religious Ceremony on a Glorious Italian Island:

Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi Wedding

Click on the photo if you want to see a giant version of it, and examine the shenanigans close up. I think the dress is pretty in this shot, but exponentially more lovely in detail; the overlay is delicate and elegant and understated, and it goes beautifully with the lush, romantic surroundings. I love the three-quarter-length sleeves, and she appears to be wearing a VERY long veil, of which I am always a fan. I mean, if you’re going romantic, really GO ROMANTIC. Sigh.

Armani also tweeted a detail shot:

I LOVE how the veil attaches at the back of her head. It feels almost medieval, which is brilliant given that, you know, they’re in an actual medieval building. SIGH.

(At the moment, FYI, these are the only shots we have, but if additional ones make themselves known to me, I will update this post so we can more completely ogle her gown. This may actually prove to be the extent of it; they’re being very low-key about this wedding, which is actually really classy in theory but also annoying for those of us who are nosy about these things, such as myself. We need to see the back of the dress! The train looks potentially glorious! I NEED DETAILS YOU GUYS. LET ME LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU.)

Armani helpfully also included a sketch of the gown that Beatrice wore for the reception in its press release, so you can see it more clearly than you can in their tweet:

Sketch Beatrice Borromeo Armani Wedding Gown

It looks GLORIOUS and I might love it. Please Instagram the heck out of this reception, bridal party and guests. DO IT FOR US. I need to see more angles than just this one, although, honestly, even just this one is really great:

Celebrity Sightings During Pierre Casiraghi And Beatrice Borromeo Wedding

SWOON. It’s just…so extremely pretty. She looks fabulous. All in all, today was a very good advertisement for the bridal skills of the people at Armani.  (PS: You can eyeball more pictures of the reception arrival here, and OH GOD IT IS SO PRETTY. We may seriously be witnessing my personal dream wedding. SIGH. ALL THE SIGHS.)

[Photos: Courtesy of Armani, JacopoR/PierreS GC Images]