Carrie has been attending every Stanley Cup Final game, one of which was the night before this event, so I’ve decided her stylist just┬ásent her some photos of outfits at a bad time and she fired back with the wrong emoji. I don’t mind this concept in theory, but we’ve seen better versions before — namely, the originals. This is like clear plastic Schiaparelli mixed with one of Vera Wang’s figure skating costumes, and then fired at top speed off a Fast Fashion conveyor belt with minimal concerns about whether the shirt will cause a mild rash. I don’t know how one of the biggest artists in her industry, and even beyond, always ends up looking like she’s wearing a dress she picked up for 90 percent off at a sample sale without noticing the tag actually says “Elie Saad.”

* Note: Apparently it IS a brand called Elie Madi, so I’m kinda half onto something there.

[Photo: Getty]