I debated trotting out my old You The Jury feature for Carrie’s many CMAs looks, but she’s so heavily pregnant this year that I decided the judge would just declare a pre-emptive mistrial and both sides would jump straight to digging their keys into the side of each others’ pretty little souped up four-wheel drives. But there’s still plenty to discuss, including the fact that one of the beans seems pretty enamored of her. He is often to be heard, even now — when it is no longer the football theme song — wandering around intoning, “OOOOOOH, SUNDAY NIIIIIGHT,” including on the sidelines of his flag-football game, and he actually made a point of listening thoughtfully to the new song before deeming it an acceptable replacement (although he can’t hear it without wistfully recalling his first love). If she ever leaves that gig, he will be a broken bean.

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