Well, this WILL cut down my fall wardrobe budget! (I joke, but I also think it’s kind of pleasantly subversive to feature no clothing at all on the cover of your September issue.) And if you want someone who can carry a cover with just her face, Cara is a VERY good option. She is a professional for a reason; I think this shot is pretty arresting.

The interview is quite well-done, a good primer on Delevingne for people who might not know too much about her beyond the basics, and gets into some family stuff that I thought was illuminating, and this part made me laugh:

Delevingne is “an instigator,” says her Suicide Squad costar Margot Robbie. “You talk to her on a Wednesday night and she’s like, ‘I’m going mud wrestling. Wanna come?’ I was like, ‘No, mate, I have to be at the office at 6 a.m.’ Then I saw pictures. It looked really fun. Lesson learned: Never say no when Cara invites you somewhere.”

It also describes Cara’s bathroom wallpaper, which, come on! I feel like that should be REQUIRED for literally every single celebrity profile:

It’s time for me to go, but first I ask to use the bathroom. In Delevingne’s powder room, the wallpaper is the same jungly banana-leaf print as the fabric on the chairs outside, but the toilet is something else: hand-painted, seat and all, in Mexican Talavera-style florals, like a little functional sculpture. It is by far the coolest toilet I’ve ever had the pleasure of peeing in, but it’s not necessarily the coolest one in Delevingne’s very extra toilet repertoire. That honor might go to the side-by-side pair she installed in her London house so her friends can “pee and talk.” That, she says, “is my favorite thing in the world.”

YES. Ask all celebrities about their bathroom decor. I’m NOT being sarcastic, this is illuminating and it is funny. THANK YOU, Marie Claire.

[Cover: Thomas Whiteside]