So, I guess Alessandra Torresani here is in Caprica, although I tend to get confused because apparently part of the Caprica branding involves shots of her posing with an apple — presumably Eve (of “Adam and” fame) style — and every time I see her holding one out (as she did at other Comic-Con events), I think it’s a shout-out to the Twilight cover. And then I wonder how it’s possible that someone I don’t even recognize from the movies is getting invited to places, and then I realize: Oh, yeah. Other people use apple imagery too. Speaking of imagery:

EW and Syfy Celebrate Comic-Con

I guess maybe the new spate of branding is going to involve artful use of halved tires from kiddie toys layered on appropriate body parts. Yeah, that sounds weird, but NO ONE will confuse them with another franchise ever again.