Someone in Fug Nation emailed this to us over the weekend and I literally shrieked aloud when I saw it.

Celebrities outside

[Photo: Splash News]

When we beseeched Miley to look into pants, THIS IS NOT WHAT WE MEANT. These are old lady leather pants — the kind of leather pants I long to see on legendary pantsless wonder Liza Minnelli, who would rock them. Of course, we all know that Liza would also approve of Miley’s visible bra, so maybe we should get the two of them together! They could collaborate on a duet! They could call it, “Miley With an OMG!” and then dance provocatively together. Think of all the hysterical Op-Eds this would provoke from people! Liza was just on Life on the D-List (she was charming, and smoked on camera, which I haven’t seen in like 20 years [also, that can’t be good for her voice. Think of your instrument, Liza!]) so I feel that she might possibly be talked into this, just for amusement’s sake. Billy Ray, can’t you make this happen?