The Crazy Ones is a weird-ass animal. I watched the pilot, and felt like someone at the network said, “This is a comedy! Who cares about relationships, and stakes, and emotion. Cut everything that isn’t Robin Williams being manic, James Wolk being a writhing man-whore, and Kelly Clarkson.” Now, I don’t object to any of those three things on principle — even Robin Williams Mania is still good, in small doses — but reducing itself to yuks meant that the show put way too much pressure on those gags to be home runs, and they simply weren’t. I want it to find itself, because I love SMG and James Wolk and Hamish Linklater. And because I like seeing her out and about, and in these shoes:

I do have concerns about why she is wearing a scrunchie around her waist, as if her body actually a ponytail from 1990. It’s a BIT early for Halloween costumes, SMG, and besides, when the time comes, shouldn’t you go as Friends/Buffy hybrid Ross Michelle Gellar?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]