O Magazine has been around for twenty years, and Oprah Winfrey has been on the cover of every single issue. I was weighing digging around to do a July retrospective of how many different ways Oprah has looked blissed out on her own magazine in July, but that will have to wait. For September, Oprah and her staff deviated from the template for the first time, and chose digital art — created by a 24-year old named Alexis Franklin — of Breonna Taylor, killed at age 26 by Louisville police who have not been arrested (and only one of whom has been fired). It’s a stunning portrait, and on the Oprah site, it’s animated so that it develops before your eyes. It is beautiful and moving, and it sucks that Covid has (among other things) affected the way a cover like this could be ubiquitous in checkout lines and airport shops and newsstands, some of which have closed completely.

That link also goes to Oprah’s editor’s letter, which the magazine also quotes a portion of on its Instagram:

Oprah’s letter also includes the following links, which I’ll paste here as well:

To continue the fight for Breonna Taylor:

1) Sign the Change.Org and Color of Change petitions to demand justice from Kentucky officials.

2) Call Kentucky’s attorney general, mayor, governor, and the public integrity unit of the Louisville Metro Police Department to demand the officers involved in Breonna’s death are fired and charged with her killing. Visit StandWithBre.com for guidance.

3) Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund to aid protesters fighting in Breonna’s hometown.

4) Hashtag #SayHerName on social media—so no one forgets her: Breonna Taylor.

You can also sign the #JusticeForBre petition, and that website has e-mail addresses for various Kentucky and Louisville officials as well as numbers.