This cover is every bit the piece of art that Billy himself strives to be in his life. It’s stunning

The interview is also one of those where the writer probably just sat back and turned on the tape recorder.

This could be why our government allowed the AIDS epidemic to run rampant through artistic communities in the ’80s and ’90s. This is also what fuels Porter to make art in an industry that still seems to overvalue everything but the authentic artist. “We lost an entire generation. But for me, I like to live in the present and in the positive. And what it’s left inside of me is the fire to tell the story and to fill the void. That’s why it’s taken me so long. I was at the tail end of those artists. I was a young’ un, learning from those people who died. And I’ve had all of this time to take” — he held his thumb and pointer finger less than half an inch apart — “the morsel of what I had learned and let it gestate, and grow, and grow, and gestate and grow, and gestate and grow. And it’s our turn. It’s time. I’m a part of the first generation of gay men, ever, who gets to be out loud and proud in the world. My generation is the first. Bitches are scared. And they should be.”

It’s well worth your time.