Okay, first and foremost — because I believe in the power of positive reinforcement — I just have to say that I love when Alicia wears her hair the way she did last night at the BET Awards. I think she’s very pretty to begin with, obviously, but there’s something about this look that is really flattering. And I liked what she wore on the red carpet:

2009 BET Awards - Arrivals

She looks leggy and summery and I love the color. But speaking of leggy, shall we take a looksee at what she wore inside?

2009 BET Awards - Press Room
Still love the hair. From the neck up, she looks awesome. But THIS SEEMS SHORT. Like…is she wearing ….shorts under this? She is, right? She has to be. Because, otherwise…. otherwise, let’s just say that Ms. Keys is playing with fire, and by “fire,” I mean, “the possiblity of flashing everyone.”  Who would have thunk we’d find ourselves praying for short shorts, by the way? But when I must choose between the normally crotchularly sensible A. Keys realizing that she is, in fact, not someone who’s much of a flasher — AND THANK YOU FOR THAT, ALICIA — and choosing wee tiny shorts, and the idea that she might have lost her mind and decided to throw caution to the wind with this teeeeny little mini, well…..