Remember Toccara? The first plus-sized woman who actually mattered on America’s Next Top Model? The one who kept chicken under the bed and then mysteriously lost her personality after a brutal photo shoot where the clothes didn’t quite fit? I loved her. Especially for the chicken thing. If I wasn’t so skeeved out at the idea of not refrigerating my chicken, I can’t promise I wouldn’t want a secret stash under the bed, especially if I were sharing a house with a bunch of hungry bitches who might sleepwalk their way into my corner of the icebox.

Anyway, I’m thrilled Toccara didn’t drop off the face of the planet like so many ANTM alums; instead, she’s working for BET and has done two seasons of Celebrity Fit Club — the latter of which presumably led to her look like this:

BET Awards 2008 - Arrivals

She’s teeny now. But my question is, does she look TOO skinny? And does the dress work, or is she squishing herself into it just to make a point? Trust me, I know a girl can’t always control whether her chest downsizes apace with the rest of her, but I’m thinking Toccara probably could’ve started a few sizes larger with the dress and then had the bottom part tailored to her. Nobody would’ve known, and we’d all be sitting here going, “DAMN, she looks hot,” as opposed to, “Damn, that makes my boobs hurt.”

Aw, and yet, I don’t want to take away from all the hard work she put in for that bod. One of the things I really liked about Toccara was how she embraced being
“juicy,” to use Miss J’s favorite word for it, but if she’s genuinely
healthier now, then that’s great. More power to her. Just
don’t COMPLETELY quit the chicken on us, babe, or else there won’t be any of you