I suspect this opinion may prove to be controversial, but I truly think this is fun:

Orange British Academy Film Awards 2010 - Red Carpet Arrivals

I’m serious: Romola Garai — whose name I love, thanks to all the vowels — looks totally fresh and adorable in this. It’s so nice to see someone wearing something a little offbeat (thanks to the pattern) who doesn’t ALSO look like she’s suffering from some kind of head injury. Bonus: I think the high, poofy bun is kind of a kick. Had I been playing stylist, I might have given her a little more jewelry (read: any jewelry) — say, a big cuff bracelet, or a little bling on the ears — and I am not sure those were the best shoes (they seem a bit Deputy District Attorney on Law and Order to me), but on the whole, j’adore.

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