I have no idea why Lily Allen is at the BAFTAs, but I’m glad she’s back out and about, and this dress really says, “I AM OUT AND ABOUT:”

She looks like a Valentine come to life. It’s totally over-the-top, but I think it’s also kind of fun. The truth is that — as regular readers know — I have a serious weakness for pink and red together. This is why I love Target on February 15th. It’s all things that are pink and red and heart-covered for 75% off.  Festive AND cheap! (Which is also how I like my men, FWIW.) (Not really, universe.) But I’m not sure if on-sale Valentine’s Day swag come to life is exactly what she was going for.

Let’s look at the back:

I maybe would have left the headdress at home, although I do love the idea of the person behind her struggling to see, like, Prince William handing a big award to Helen Mirren through the feathered-Venetian blinds of that thing.

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[Photos: Fame/Flynet]