Ugh, this cover. Naturally it’s replete with all the usual Cosmo sexy-sex-sex sexiness, but it becomes all the creepier when it’s framing Ariana Grande, a 24-year old woman who’s apparently still super hot on being infantilized. The thing is, I fully support being pissed that female strength is wrongly written off as divadom, and I do understand that they might’ve shot the cover before she gave them that quote, so they didn’t realize what they were going to get. But in addition to it being a shame that zero imagination was applied to the modeling or the styling, it’s a real shame the photo doesn’t project the same flavor of toughness that her talk does. Instead, she’s tugging on the ponytail, chewing on her fingers, and generally clinging to her Naughty Little High School Girl aesthetic. “Hey, Jonesy,” she seems to be cooing. “Are you going to Marcy’s tonight? I know I’m a sophomore but she totally invited me because I’m, like, supes mature, and I can totes get free wine coolers. My last boyfriend was a freshman in college.”