It’s time for our annual post predicting the cover subjects for the upcoming year of Vogue! Let’s take a look back and discuss how Vogue did in 2013 — make sure check to see how you did in last year’s Prediction Post. I got 6 of 12, which means if I were a baseball player, I’d be a huge star! — then see if you can predict the dozen who are going to make it past Anna for February 2014-January 2015.

My predictions, with the caveat that I think a lot of these are actually kind of crazy on my part: Keira Knightley; SWINTON (a girl can dream, as I really don’t think this will actually happen);  Angelina Jolie (ostensibly for Maleficent); Zoe Saladana, whose Nina Simone biopic is SUPPOSED to come out in 2014; Shailene Woodley, in a huge coup wiggling off Teen Vogue; Nicki Minaj;  Emma Stone; Kerry Washington; a Trio of Winter Olympians Probably Including Lindsay Vonn Which Will Be Awkward If Her Knee Doesn’t Heal; Cameron Diaz, ideally in full Miss Hannigan costume; Nicole Kidman; and January Jones (standing in for everyone else as Mad Men finally comes back). I am pretty sure I’m going to bat less than .500 this year. Your turn!