I mean…I’m not sure how I like ya now, Annie. What about ya has changed? Why am I supposed to feel about ya differently? I’m seriously asking. (Elle will attempt to answer this question inside the magazine, I’m sure, but I haven’t gotten my copy yet.) Ya look….ya know. Basically the same? I assume ya’re more or less the same? Am I supposed to like ya more because ya disappeared for a while? I don’t feel as if my take on ya has changed. I’m not displeased with the idea of ya being on the cover of Elle. I’m looking forward to seeing ya and everyone else in Ocean’s 8. But I don’t think ya have done anything recently that would have shaken my worldview of ya to its very core. Ya know?

(Having said that, this is the rare and precious example of a major actress on the cover of major magazine actually pulling off the infamous Up The Nostrils Pose with élan. She’s almost even working that Hey Check Out My Arm Pits! set-up, which is incredibly difficult. Credit where it’s due.)

[Cover: Terry Tsiolis for Elle]