Annabelle Wallis is sort of an interesting case. She really hasn’t broken through yet, although she’s been in a bunch of stuff that could have been her big break and very little of it has hit, through no fault of her own. I guess she’s best known for being in Peaky Blinders, a show I never watched because I found the name annoying (I know this is ridiculous, but we humans are nothing if not all a bunch of weirdos), but she also played Jane Seymour in The Tudors (a THANKLESS role; all you get to do is lurk demurely in a hedge maze and then die); The Girl in the Tom Cruise reboot of The Mummy, which feels like it should have been something; and then ALSO The Girl in the Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie, which was a fascinating hot mess that gave her NOTHING to do, to the point where it felt like all her pertinent scenes had been cut. (Fun fact: That movie was planned to be the first of SIX but it lost the studio $150 million and all the other movies got canned. A King Arthur movie is a great idea, but historically, they’ve been hard to nail.) Anyway, she’s currently promoting a Showtime mini-series called The Loudest Voice, which is about Roger Ailes, and which has a great cast — Russell Crowe is going to chew up some scenery as the Ailes, I suspect (in a fun way), and Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller and Josh Charles are also in it. (I am concerned about several of those people being able to maintain an American accent throughout, however.) ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNYWAY, the point is that I hope this one works out for her, because she’s got a very interesting wardrobe so far in this press tour and I want to see more.