And now, we bring today’s postings to a close with this extremely pleasant experience: A charming floral and unexpected shoes, a soothing breeze of a look. This look is gently ruffling my bangs as I lean off the prow of a ferry taking me to….somewhere pleasant that ferries take people! (The Hamptons? I don’t know! This metaphor is veering into uncharted waters for me, no pun intended. We don’t take a lot of ferries in Southern California! Maybe to Catalina? My bangs are gently ruffled on the way to Catalina!) This look is handing me a lemonade on a warm day! This look is reminding me that I have a lot of floral dressed in the back of my closet that I should probably dig out one of these days. And I appreciate that.

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)
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