We are a week or so away from And Just Like That descending on our televisions or other networked devices, so HBO Max dropped a longer trailer and a poster — and by the way, the poster is only the thumbnail on the widget below, so don’t hit play on the video clip until you’ve had a good look (or click here to see it elsewhere). And do take that good look, because I have a lot of questions and many have to do with Miranda.


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1) I wasn’t sure from the set photos, but that looks like a wig on Cynthia Nixon, right? It is not wiggy here at ALL, but it also doesn’t look as silver, so maybe Miranda goes on a hair journey.

2) That’s also not the best picture of Cynthia. She’s been looking like a silver fox in all the paparazzi photos of the shoot, but those don’t look like her features, or like the way said features usually assemble on her face. I don’t know what they did to her in post, but it’s unfair.

3) This is such an awkward prom photo.

4) I wish the three of them had been in more of an open grouping, instead of Charlotte clinging onto Carrie’s back.

5) Why is “Sex and the City” written in that random font? It was never the show’s font. Stick “a new chapter of” in cursive and let the original show title also be in the show font. YES I HAVE FONT NOTES. FONTS!

6) Kristin Davis… I wonder if seeing her in motion, and acting, will make some of those changes seem less jarring? At times in the trailer, I thought so, and at other times I fretted perhaps not. I feel for her. Choices were made, and they’re difficult not to notice. I hope SHE is pleased with them, because that’s what matters.

The trailer seems… fine. Part of me is relieved Samantha isn’t in this, because I do not trust this think tank to come up with a take on her journey that isn’t terrible or somehow reductive of her sexual nature. (Case in point, the rumored subplot for the blessedly nonexistent third movie in which Miranda’s teenage son sent her dick pics?!? WHAT the hell is that? Honestly, it’s so bad that I wonder if the suggestion was always a ploy to get Kim Cattrall to bolt.)

7) Interestingly, that same rumor has the third movie revolving around Big’s death, and you know that’s my theory about what happens here, so maybe everyone got what they wanted — a single Carrie, sans Samantha — but just not in one two-hour swoop.

I couldn’t help but wonder: What are your thoughts?