The tweaks Laura Brown is making to InStyle are really starting to show. For one thing, the interview — between Jessica Seinfeld and Amy Schumer, who are apparently friends, and you can tell — features both women casually noting how smoking pot is the key to their self-care and mental health. Which is not a controversial opinion in the world, but it does not seem like the kind of thing that would be uttered to InStyle’s usual demographic. Or at least, not the demographic for whom Ariel Foxman would commission those stiff, chilly covers of Julianne Moore in heavy jewelry. But this isn’t his ship to steer anymore.

I do get the giggles at the race to put out the first swimming pool cover of the spring/summer season, but this one is surprisingly good. It’s a measure sexier than InStyle used to be — this makes, I think, a strong statement about its direction — and may be the most effective Amy Schumer cover we’ve seen. She looks so voluptuous and sultry and very much herself, plus artistically it’s nifty: You forget for a second she’s probably floating or doing backstroke, because she could as easily be rising from the water like a synchro swimmer, or doing water aerobics to “Physical.” And she looks every bit as confident as the cover line suggests. Of course, I do still generally agree with Janice Dickinson’s assertion that armpits aren’t ever attractive enough to let them hijack a photo, but this one translates the pose as celebratory in some way. Pits don’t have to be hot to be happy.