2009 American Music Awards - Show

NICOLE KIDMAN: Do you think people can tell I’m reading from the teleprompter?

KATE HUDSON: I forgot my glasses.

NICOLE: And your shirt.

KATE: What?

NICOLE: Nothing.

KATE: Why are we at the AMAs?

NICOLE: Well, I’m married to a musician.

KATE: So? I’m dating a baseball player and I don’t get to vote for the Cy Young Award.

NICOLE: That joke would have worked better if you were dating a pitcher.

KATE: Oh, shut up. That OUTFIT would have worked better if you weren’t wearing my grandma’s guest room bedspread, unwashed since 1971.

NICOLE: YOUR outfit would have worked better if your HEAD didn’t look like you put it on backward.

KATE: WELL I NEVER. No, seriously. Why are we even doing this?

NICOLE: We’re in that movie together. With the singing and the dancing and Daniel Day Lewis.

KATE: Isn’t ringing a bell.

NICOLE: It’s the one where I’m trying to remind people how awesome I was in Moulin Rouge, and you’re pretending that you don’t desperately miss Matthew McConaughey.

KATE: Oh, RIGHT. Ugh, so we’re in for at least another month of this, right?

NICOLE: It’s going to be a bumpy ride.