I know I’ve seen this dress on someone else before and I have no idea who it was, or where. It might have been Beyonce, and I think she might have looked cute in it. That seems possible, right? (I’m sure I’m wrong and it’s probably actually the opposite of Beyonce. So, like, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.)

2009 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Regardless, I think Alicia looks pretty cute, too. It is always such a damn relief when she isn’t wearing a jumpsuit, or pants so tight I worry she’s modeling the “Before” look in a Monistat ad. This color is great on her, and she’s working the cut. (Also, I think I love her clutch.)


My feelings about those shoes are mixed, at best. No. I can’t lie. I am not into them. They look like the world’s most expensive dyed-to-match bridesmaid shoes. Anything that coordinated makes my face hurt.