“HOLA LOVERS.” [And I need to break character for a moment to say that I TOTALLY CALLED THIS.]

“I have a riddle for you: What is dressed like a ballet slipper because that is what people wear who are center stage which I learned from the movie Center Stage which I watched one night when I was up late writing the best chapter of True Love which is where I thank everyone for their true love and talk about how hard I worked and then anyway LOVERS toe shoes are softness and strength rolled into one just like a good mattress or a cookie or the person who is the subject of this riddle? Do you know the answer yet? It is THE LOPEZ. I am the FOOT OF POWER. I am what puts the grande in jete and what makes the pirouette pirou or something. BUY MY BOOK, IT IS ABOUT MAKING SUSHI!! Just kidding it is about love and probably also having your own perfume. Unless they cut that part.”

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]