At the beginning of the week, when I was eying this ensemble, I didn’t think I liked it. Something about the black swatch felt a bit like she’d thrown a hissy-fit until her stylist agreed to belt her lucky blanket to the dress.

2008 American Music Awards - Red Carpet

But now? Maybe I’m just distracted by the prospect of turkey, or the sheer number of potatoes I am about to peel, or the fact that I have no completely healthy running backs on any of my fantasy football teams and at least one must-win game this weekend. Whatever it is, though, suddenly I kind of like this. What can I say? She looks well-supported; it’s short, but not in a way that might entice an ultrasound technician to pop out of the bushes and set up shop; and it’s both grown-up and playful. I wonder if this means I like Miley Cyrus now. Not that I didn’t before; mostly I just didn’t think about her, except to wonder if she went to Hilary Duff’s veneers man. And now, to ponder why her necklace has chosen this exact moment to go bobbing for apples. I suppose we know what IT is thankful for this year.