A while ago, I looked at all the April Elle covers, and thought I’d do the same for Vogue. Well, I forgot that Vogue is a bajillion years older than Elle, so it’s a much bigger task… but then I fell down the rabbit hole anyway. If there is anything you can count on, it’s that if I am strolling past a rabbit hole, I will dive into it. I had to force myself to stop at 1940.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up the thread where I leave off today, but for now please revel in The Way We Were. So many of thse covers would provide fabulous inspiration for a modern homage. And if you catch yourself thinking, “This would make a good puzzle,” well, you’re in luck, because The New York Puzzle Company has a whole collection of them. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link, but I would have linked it even if it wasn’t. I have one of these jigsaws and one of a New Yorker cover and I LOVE them.)

One important theme that has emerged: Vogue was REALLY transfixed and occasionally bewildered by fragrances.