Dear Dyan Cannon,

In situations such as this:


We here at GFY HQ suggest a chic little cami.

This is one of those instances where you have to wonder if this shirt was rendered see-through by the camera’s flash. Which is certainly possible.  But then you start to think that, surely, someone who’s been in the public eye longer than you’ve been alive is aware of the Powers of the Flash, and wouldn’t risk it. Right?

Then you start wonder if maybe working on Ally McBeal warped her poor brain. But, no, you think. Calista Flockhart seems to have bounced back: she’s on some new show, she’s gained some much needed weight, she’s got that cute little boy, and she’s dating Han Solo. So she managed to pull through. And look at Portia di Rossi. She was really, really funny on Arrested Development, she’s gained some much needed weight, and she’s dating Ellen! Who doesn’t love Ellen? We love Ellen. And Courtney Thorne Smith — well, we don’t know what she’s up to, other than the fact that she’s gained some much needed weight and is on one of those shows where the wife is really together and the husband is a schlub. But since she’s not drifting into alcoholism (as far as we know), or mooning after Andrew Shue (as far as we know), or getting chewed out by Heather Locklear (as far as we know), she’s clearly thriving as well. So we can’t blame David E. Kelley — not for this, anyway.

Maybe it was the flash, after all.  Beware the flash, girls.