This is very romantic, and also involves VERY realistic-yet-good skin that makes me think I need to exfoliate more. (I assume this is the first time that Allure has featured women who are married to each other? That’s a nice milestone!) I feel like everyone on the USWST is so attractive; I guess this is what happens when you devote your life to healthy eating and cardiovascular exercise!

Anyway, the interview is quite enjoyable, and really interesting too:

With the Olympics rescheduled for 2021, and the future of sports as we know it up in the air, the path forward for these women, once crystalline sharp, is suddenly foggy. And that haziness extends to their pay equity lawsuit, which suffered a major blow in a May court ruling. The women had sued the USSF for nearly $67 million, which an expert calculated was the amount, plus damages, they were underpaid based on what the men’s team would have made had they achieved the same level of success. A judge rejected that argument.

“We’re all still committed and it’s the same hope and dream,” says Rapinoe, one of the most prominent members of the team to sign on to the lawsuit. “And that’s really just for fairness. This team has been fighting for so long with the federation about equal pay.”

“At the end of the day, we play a game,” says Harris. “What really moves a lot of us is changing the conversation, the culture. You’re playing for more than the popularity of your sport. You’re playing to impact people’s lives across all industries. We’re trying to empower people to feel strong enough to stand for something that is important to them. And right now, for us, that is pay equity.”

That’s just a taste; they also cover some life-logistics and talk quite a bit about representing the gay community. Worth your time for sure!

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