As I mentioned on our Twitter the other day — we’re @fuggirls! Join us! — there’s a movie out right now called Restrepo. It is, by all accounts, a brilliant and moving documentary about a year in the life of a platoon of US soldiers in Afghanistan. It won the Grand Jury prize for documentaries at Sundance, and it sounds simply amazing. However, because I am an idiot, every time my eye sees the word, “Restrepo,” it decides to read it as, “Respeito,” and for one ridiculous moment, I think I’m reading about a movie based on Yaya’s season of ANTM, during which she so memorably wore a shirt with that word — Portuguese for “respect” — because she felt so personally disrespected by the fact that one of the other girls in the competition wrote, “clean up your shit” with a knife in another girl’s neglected pan of brownies. Perhaps not as moving, nor as compelling a film, but filled with dramatic possibilities nevertheless, yes? No? No? Okay, moving on to YaYa as she is today, sans passive-aggressive buttinski shirt:

But PLUS a napkin stuck into her waistband! SO HANDY if you happen to make a mess vandalizing someone else’s baked goods! Respeito, YaYa. Respeito.