So, on Sunday, I hit a breaking point with a bunch of what I felt were sycophantic stories about a joke Ryan Reynolds made regarding his marriage. It’s dumb to get worked up by that stuff, but I was at my desk on Easter Sunday with a deadline to hit, which is a time I’d be likely to get venty. Anyway: There are rumors of discord, so he issued a “denial” to the effect of that he WISHES they were having trouble/spending very little time together, because he could use some Me Time. All the various mags and blogs were like, “Ryan Reynolds Wins The Internet Again” and “OMG Ryan Has The Perfect Response,” etc., and that all bugged me, because I strongly dislike(d) his joke and have often over the years taken umbrage at the tone he uses while making his family the butt of his sarcasm. It always has a mean, disparaging edge to it, and no one seems to call that out. So, probably ill-advisedly, I ranted about it. And in doing so, I a) accidentally got CRANKY about how I think he often looks sulky on the red carpet, and b) pissed off a lot of Twitter, many of whom shook their heads at my “bizarrely bad take” and how I’m slandering a couple that is obviously deeply in love. I didn’t actually cast aspersions on that; just on his demeanor and tone, which I often find off-putting. But the point is, people were DISPLEASED.

Why am I rehashing all that? Because, out of all the photos we had available for this event — and I do always look, because I am a romantic at heart — I finally found one of him smiling at her, and it’s very nice. And so it’s in here for all the people who hoped I would eat shit and die, or that I am blind to true love, or other such maladies. I still stand by my issues with his choice of tone and cracks, but HARK, A GRIN. MEA CULPA. I felt honor-bound to share. Also, I mean, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan finally broke up and the Internet is grieving, so we might as well try to send out a few happy vibes, right?

[Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Variety/REX/Shutterstock, Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock]