This dress was a good move.

It’s supremely cool and unusual, like a gift from that friend of yours who always finds the BEST wrapping paper that’s really thick and luxe and striking (for me, that friend is Jessica). Everything about it works on her, and I have to think that floating around in it all night was a pretty spectacular experience. However: I am EXTREMELY NERVOUS about this live Peter Pan she’s undertaking — not because she can’t sing, but because… I don’t know, I almost feel like they should’ve hung up Peter Pan without either Sandy Duncan or Mary Martin. (Although I DO sort of hope it leads her to give herself a dramatic pixie cut, because THAT might look hugely cute on her.) And while I love the story of Peter Pan, I think I enjoy it more in the abstract — that Disney cartoon does not hold up; I tried to watch it with the beans and there are some AWKWARD PARTS INDEED.  But, she can act, she’s got a pretty voice; hopefully it will turn out okay for her. Is it weird that I think they should get Andy Serkis to play Nana the dog? Is it ALSO weird that I almost called him Gary Sinise? It is, and this post has officially gone off the rails. When is Happy Hour?

Peter Pan? Hmm...

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