The ICONS issue, which Harper’s does in conjunction with Carine Roitfeld (refresher: When she was at French Vogue, she was reputed to be a rival of Anna Wintour’s along the lines of the Jacqueline Follet character in The Devil Wears Prada — and probably the inspiration for her), describes itself thusly: “True icons set precedents. In all that they do, these actors, models, and musicians have shifted perceptions by resisting the established, avoiding the accepted, and breaking every rule they can.” This year, they are Alek Wek, Awkwafina, Lakeith Stanfield, Shailene Woodley, Devon Aoki, Kate Moss, and Regina King, with Alicia Keys is fronting the newsstand issue, Christy Turlington on the subscriber copy, and Celine Dion on what Harper’s UK is calling a “limited edition” cover which they are selling online. Celine’s is the one getting all the attention because of her wig, but we’ll of course ogle them all.

Presumably they all get a piece in the magazine; Keys’s is short and fairly uninformative. She is real, and she is into crystals, it tells us. It also, in a weird lapse, wrote this:

Today she’s makeup-free, sporting a simple braid and wearing plaid R13 pants, a white Wolford bodysuit, Chanel x Pharrell sneakers, large gold “Alicia” OG hoop earrings, and pink-lensed Stella McCart­ney shades.

I’m referring to the first bit. “Today” she’s makeup-free. If you are doing a profile of Alicia Keys, wouldn’t you have researched her a little, and therefore know that she almost entirely stopped wearing makeup three years ago? (She wears foundation on The Voice, I believe, but that’s pretty much it.) At the very least it might even be something to discuss — that’s a long time to have stuck to her guns, especially in her industry — but I guess mentioning which crystals she bought was more important.

[Photos: Harper’s Bazaar]