alice + olivia  By Stacey Bendet M.A.C. Cosmetics Collection Launch

LEIGH LEZARK: Thanks for inviting me to your Alice + Olivia event, Stacy.
STACY BENDET: You’re welcome! It was no trouble — it’s not like you’re ever working, right? Ha ha!
LEIGH: Excuse me? Looking around, I am easily the most famous person here.
STACY: Except for me, obviously. I am an incredibly famous clothing designer. 
LEIGH: Yeah, a designer who doesn’t even look like herself. Did you just lose a Dita Von Teese lookalike contest?
STACY: Did you just lose… your MIND? Or just your bicycle? 
LEIGH: Funny. I’ll be sure to remember you when I hit it big because my years of frosty-faced stoicism gets me cast as Lisbeth Salander. 
STACY: Keep dreaming, peaches. You’re more like The Girl Who Doesn’t Understand How Buttons Work.
LEIGH: And what does that make you? The Girl Who Wore Phil Spector’s Hair As A Boa?
STACY: It makes you The Girl Who Just Got Kicked Off My List, honey. Besides, aren’t you late for a spin class? 
LEIGH: … yeah, actually. I secretly only stopped by to fill up my water bottle.
STACY: … Oh. Touche.
LEIGH: That’s right. Don’t mess with the C-list, honey. You’ll get the fangs.