This originally ran on July 18th, 2016, but Patsy and Edina are, we hope you’ll agree, evergreen.

It’s here, sweetie-darlings: The Absolutely Fabulous movie comes to the U.S. this weekend, bringing with it a fresh dose of bouffants and bubbly and Bubble and bonkers fashion. In honor of its red-carpet premiere tonight (well, we think it’s tonight…), we decided to do a slideshow of everything — yes, everything — Patsy and Edina donned during the show’s six seasons. We might have missed a special or two, but we are prisoners to whatever the great TV god Hulu can offer. This is still pretty damn complete. Get ready for caftans, denim, ruffles, actual bandages, and poultry. Like a club rec from Stefon, it. Has. Everything.