Apparently, some character posters — featured above — came out early in December, but just yesterday Disney came out with some funky moving A Wrinkle In Time posters as well. So, we might as well roll all those together with the new trailer. One thing I’ve learned in all this: I really need to re-read this book, because I don’t remember it AT ALL.

These moving posters are a BIT creepy — like slowed-down versions of photos in Harry Potter. I’m curious whether it’s a plot point that Oprah appears to have wound a very long grey phone cord around herself. And I will admit to being confused as to the way Oprah’s skin seems to have been lightened in this one. She looks more like herself in the still poster; maybe it’s something about the lighting itself.

I wish hers had her doing more than just opening her hand.

Maybe it’s the eyebrows. Or the camera angle. I still can’t QUITE get over Reese looking so odd. It’s very… chin-forward.

And the trailer is heavy on Messy Chris Pine, so if that’s your jam, you’re gonna want to fire up some toast and dip your knife all up in it. Welcome to our first, but surely not our last, tortured metaphor of 2018.