I believe the only time we’ve really seen much of the Lively-Reynolds family was at Ryan’s Walk of Fame ceremony. They lead a very private life — I believe they live in Connecticut? — and seem effortlessly to avoid the paparazzi lenses whenever they do move around, which is why it feels noteworthy that they’re here just slooowly crossing the street, child on shoulders, dog in tow, the picture of masked family bliss as they give their eldest (I think?) some valuable solo time with mom and dad. Ryan’s jacket is suave, and their little one is adorable, and that’s all great. But what I love here is that Blake did not go overboard trying to be a fashion plate. She looks like she’s in leggings or yoga pants. Her scarf… might be two scarves? Her coat seems like a utilitarian camel wool number that she actually would wear to run errands in the winter, and she has a random hat on her head that doesn’t go with anything. If one presumes they were open to or even arranged this shot, for whatever reason, it’s delicious to me that Blake not only went underdone, but even kinda let the dog pull focus. It’s all so freaking wholesome. An A+ entry for “Stars: They’re Just Like Us: They Cross Streets In Order To Get Where They Need To Be.”

[Photo: Getty]