So, at the always-beachy-casual Independent Spirit Awards, Jennifer Lawrence and Mia Wasikowska both notably went with airy, summery white. Let’s see how they stack up to one another. First up: Jennifer.

From the top: ove the makeup, love the hair, she maybe has me on the bodice, love the bracelet, wish my mom’s fancy-dress tablecloth had stayed on her Easter table where it belongs. If it weren’t see-through, she might have me, but I just… the vibe of the dress is very relaxed, and I cannot imagine actually being chilled out and cool all night knowing that everyone was staring at my butt going, “That IS her butt I’m looking at, right? Right? I’d better stare harder.” Granted, Jennifer Lawrence probably has a much nicer butt than I do, but still.

This is… a bit sad to me. It’s like walking past someone’s house and seeing in the window that their Christmas tree is still up, except the tinsel is moldering and all the cheerful white snowflakes have turned yellow and it all just looks sort of sad and limp, and so you just want to break into that house and hug the tree and tell it that it did a very good job, and then lug it outside to its final resting spot by the trash cans. But that would end up with me getting arrested, so … I’ll just settle for saying that this lacks verve.

Whose white wins?

  • Mia's (22%, 2,245 Votes)
  • Jennifer's (35%, 3,630 Votes)
  • Both! Can't choose! (2%, 259 Votes)
  • Neither. Yikes. (41%, 4,254 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,388

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