I really liked poor Dr. Faye on Mad Men, even though she was sort of achingly inept with Don’s daughter (although frankly so are most people). I hope they keep her in season five, and not just to mess with Don’s Deep Dark Secrets.

However, my reaction to this gown is not so fond. All the pleating and oozing ruffles are really unflattering, and volcanic, and frankly make me think a bit of innards. This might be because I do not ever interact with innards, and therefore could not tell you what many of them look like. For them, I suspect looking like this would be an aesthetic upgrade, but otherwise I just want this overcomplicated, overwrought midnight mess to go the way of all Don’s tobacco clients: far, far away.

That doesn’t apply to Cara, though. Lovely lady. Please, girl, don’t ever let anyone put a crappy black wig on you ever again (AHEM, Brothers & Sisters).