Julianna looks awesome in red. So awesome that I wanted to love this unreservedly, but something about the sweetheart neckline was grating my nerves like a cheap block of cheddar. It’s very … stiff. Which from some angles makes her boobs look really stony and severe. But then, from other sides, this looks totally fine on her. It’s hard to articulate: I just know that, to my brain, something about the bodice is not what it could or should be. Some of the time. Damn you, optical illusions. You make it so hard for me to be decisive.

Fortunately, the eagle eyes of Fug Nation will save me:

  • Something IS a tad wonky there, you're right. (46%, 4,853 Votes)
  • All that is wonky is YOU. She, like gum, is perfection.. (49%, 5,149 Votes)
  • All that is wonky is everything. I don't like this at all. (5%, 582 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,585

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