Jessica and I were wondering if Sandy — understandably — was doing nothing but think about how this time last year, she had a secret adopted baby and was married to a dude she DIDN’T think was cheating on her with a neo-Nazi. Because look at her face:

The dress isn’t great either — it kind of drooped on her — but it also ended up beside the point, because I can’t focus on anything except the fact that she so clearly doesn’t want to be seen. And to that end, so that she looks as different as possible from the sunny, happy, VISIBLE Sandra from last year, she evidently borrowed a Nikki Sixx wig and gave it a loving blow-out.

Do we think it’s clip-in bangs, a full-on rented head-suit, or a bad trip to the salon that she’ll be regretting for the next four months? Couldn’t Ryan Reynolds have put a stop to this? Maybe they’re NOT having a secret affair. You’d think a girl who was banging the Green Lantern in her spare time would look a damn sight more cheerful.

Call it:

  • Wig (23%, 2,409 Votes)
  • Clip-in bangs (33%, 3,499 Votes)
  • Actual haircut (44%, 4,735 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,655

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