Does Lady Gaga always go so thematic when she travels? I remember her tottering around England with a teacup for about two weeks, as if that might distract everyone from the duct tape on her nipples. I don’t recall her doing a Gaga version of Uncle Sam, though, visiting China as a drag Chairman Mao, popping over to The Netherlands dressed as a giant clog, nor attempting some kind of Catherine the Great homage in Russia wherein she had a stuffed horse attached to her groin. Okay, so she may not have been to China or Russia or the Netherlands, but you get the idea. I wonder if Parisians found it charming that Gaga graced their city garbed as an alien Marie Antoinette-John Lennon love child from the 28th century who worships at the altar of under-cleavage (brace your retinas; it’s in the slidshow), or if they were just all, “Eh, let her eat FAKE,” and then giggled and giggled about their nonsensical wit as they slathered each other in Brie. Because that’s totally what they do in France.

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