And we have a winner for our first-ever prize-driven Freaky Fug Friday! (There will be more, so fear not.) Congratulations to Laura, whose take on the imaginary Isabel Lucas novel captured 37 percent of the vote with her entry in a very tight contest. We hope she enjoys her copy of Dyna Moe’s awesome illustrated Mad Men book.

Drum roll, please…


Estelle has turned her back on her Amish upbringing in favor of a fast paced life full of asphalt & rubber soles to escape a sordid secret, but will those beautifully crafted electric fireplaces & intricate doilies ever really let her go?

“This plot moves faster than a two pony cart!” – The Amish Review
“Those electric heaters are REALLY fantastic” – Another Satisfied Customer

– By Laura

Thanks again for another epic one, you guys. Onward…