OMG I CAN BARELY STAND THIS ONE. It feels so….RIGHT. These two are peas in a pod, don’t you agree? Neither of their levels of fame are commensurate with their actual skill sets and neither of them practice much subtlety in their daily lives, shall we say? I actually am sorry that this has to be a fight for the death, because we’re going to miss items like these:

Shaun White Snowboarding Video Game Launch Party
Aubrey O'Day arriving to day one of the L.A. Fashion week

Or these:

Phoebe Price celebrates her birthday at the Kula Sushi Bistro in LA
Bowlmor Lanes 70th Anniversary Party Hosted by Michael Phelps

Those are two unrepentant fame whores if I ever saw one. I suspect that, following the above events, each of these women got a “please, stop associating yourself with us” letter from the United States Department of Cake, and the Obama campaign respectively. And who can blame them? Regardless of your feelings about baked goods or the Democratic Party, you have to admit that these endorsements could do unmitigated harm to each.

Aubrey, I presume, also got a Cease and Desist from The Feather Boa Corporation, the National Association of Bath Towels, and — in an interesting turn of events, Phoebe Price herself, when she saw that Aubrey wore the same dress on TRL that she is currently wearing to besmirch cake.

Phoebs, on the other hand. is legally wrangling with The Very Dress She’s Wearing On Her Cake,  the city of Cannes, and books.

I admit that I have no idea who will win this one. It could go down to the wire!


Oh, Lisa, don’t look so surprised.

51st Grammy Awards

Did you really think that your Thigh Cleavage wouldn’t easily push you through the first round? Not to mention this hair, and, of course, the Leopard Print Obsession.

But Sarah Jessica Parker is a formidable opponent.

The Cinema Society Hosts A Screening Of

She sees Lisa’s thigh cleavage, and ups the ante with literal camel toe boots, people. Need we say more?