Paula is one of those people who could go either way at any event. There’s a reason we included her in our book as someone who needed a Carefrontation. We were worried she was going to let the Crazy take over the Cute. Sometimes, of course, you can’t extricate one from the other:

Gala Premiere Of

That dress is cute, but WHAT IS UP WITH THE HAT AND GLOVES? I feel like you’ve left your sassy cane and tap shoes somewhere! I guess she is a choreographer…of crazy. I mean, come on:

The 2008 ALMA Awards - Arrivals

That is a…whole lotta look. Although not nearly as much as her spangled Civil War ensemble (I’m not kidding. If you click only one link on the internet today, MAKE IT THAT ONE), her sparkly (kind of cute) Spiderman Formal, or this….I don’t even know what to call it. This glorious addition to the American Idol experience.

In fact, I think Paula might want to raid some of her competition’s closet. Can’t you totally see her in this?

Extreme Beauty In Vogue: Milan Fashion Week Womenswear A/W 2009

Paula and I loooove the sequins. Kate, apparently, does too. As well as loving caftans, the caftan-adjacent, and — hey! — more sequins. Huh. Until writing this I didn’t realize that Kate Hudson is less boho and more Joan Collins. Do I have to love her now? Don’t answer that.


Oh, JOEY POTTER. Who would have thunk it, when you were just noodling around the Creek? And now look at you. A three seed in Fug Madness! I blame The Summer of Jeans. Or THIS:

Dude. Just…don’t. Also in the Don’t Files: this frighteningly geriatric pantsuit, this alarming display, and this generally awkward decision. I hear you, now, by the way. You’re saying, “Jessica. Who could beat this. KATIE HOLMES COULD WIN THIS WHOLE DANG THING.” Oh, really? In the face of THIS?

Katie Price Electrical Haircare Range - Photocall

DO I NEED TO EVEN GIVE YOU MORE THAN THAT? Sure, she was promoting something, but STILL. And what was she promoting here? Belt Skirts?  And what about here? Um…animal welfare via leggings? WHAT? Just make it stop.


Oh, Mary-Kate. You adorable little pixie. I would have included you in this tournament solely on the strength of this:

New Yorkers for Children Celebrates New Year's In April: A Fool's Fete

We wouldn’t even need to consider this. Or this! Or even this. But…let’s consider them anyway, shall we? It can’t hurt to have a complete understanding of the Mary-Kate oeuvre.

It’s a bit harder to understand all that goes into Miss Underwood. Sometimes, she looks adorable. And sometimes she decides to wear something like this. Which was, I think, somehow related to this:

The 43rd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show

Oh HONEY. No. You owe your butt better than that. And you owe the rest of yourself better than this. Or selections herein. Girl, why are you dressing like you’re heading to the Soap Opera Digest Awards all the time? (No offense to SOD, of course — it’s a fine publication that Heather and I both enjoy. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). It makes my head hurt.  But does it make my head hurt worse than Mary-Kate’s Wide World Of Caftans? Hmm. Riddle me that. Because at least Mary-Kate is sort of…you know, FASHION-Y in her crazyness. You’ve got to give her points for that. Don’t you? Do you? Oh, just vote:


Lady Gaga. We meet at last. It’s true: we here at GFY HQ have been essentially pretending that Lady Gaga doesn’t exist. If we generally ignored her rampant pantslessness, maybe it would cease to exist. But we realized that we could not continue to keep our heads in the sand. It would impair the integrity of this contest. And so we give you this:

2008 NewNowNext Awards
MTV TRL Presents The Jonas Brothers, T.I., Lady GaGa and Boys Like Girls

Can I be honest with you? This wacky pantslessness is so clearly just a cry for attention that I actually find it REALLY BORING. We get it. You don’t wear pants. It’s shocking. WHATEVER. Call me when you’re wearing, like, an Amish sun bonnet with hip waders or something. No pants? That’s junior varisity shockery, honestly. Is it fug? No doubt. It violates the number one rule around here: that one ought to be wearing pants. But it’s so obvious that I find it sort of tiresome.

Let’s talk about Whitney Port, instead.

MTV Hosts

Oh, dear child. I suspect you are actually a rather nice girl — who is living a sort of surreal life — but WHY ARE YOU WEARING A RENAISSANCE FAIRE HEADBAND? This is not the best accessory in the DVF closet. I know that. I KNOW IT.  This particular choice was likewise unfortunate.  This look was so awkward that I actually totally blocked it out.  And these shoes make me want to cry a little. But not as much as Whitney cried last week on The City. Chin up, girl! You are so much better off without that poor man’s Justin Bobby, Jay.  That fact should keep you warm and happy for YEARS. Also, at least you’re wearing pants.